Sunday, February 14, 2010

Orgasm From Wedgies Does This Make Me A Molester (Serious Question, Please Do Not Think I'm One Of Those Attention Hogs)?

Does this make me a molester (Serious question, please do not think I'm one of those attention hogs)? - orgasm from wedgies

In reading this I realized that you bash me all my worst and hope for death. That's good.

When I was about 14 years, a few days we became friends. A young girl who was a few years younger than me. As a joke, I gave her little ass wedgie.

However, there was "Fingers" or "penetration" into question. I strip down, or them. No flash my genitals to her, I am not your personal space. I had no kind of orgasm or anything.

I also have (and please, I'm serious) to someone who is afraid / uncomfortable in the exhibition of pornography. If a friend has found a porn e-mail / Web site and wants to see, look away now or refuse to speak. I've never seen any kind of pornography (including today, aStudent).

The Girl From what I hear / see, is perfectly fine. He still comes to other people, laughing, etc., but I have tremendous guilt on him, and fear that it will be one accused sexual predator.

Tell me I'm a disgusting pervert, should die?


countryl... said...

nah! You are just a normal teenager! LOL we all were there!

INDRAG said...

Ask for help.

Anonymous said...

It was to overcome a childish joke.

Lirrain said...

Do not worry ... I just child's play. We have all done something silly things that we felt as children to be stupid in life ... Heck, once stood outside Mooning every passing car when he about 8 years. I have not become a stripper or anything. (lol):)

Thrash Till Death said...

wow, if you think it is bad, I'll see you, what you do for me. That's crazy, but I've learned to overcome, just because I know they will not stop. (unless it's just a guy who slips out of me), but I like a little attention. Boys consistently their breasts or buttocks, or make gestures seized while Obsee my back.

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